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Quality services

Our services are qualitative, flexible, advantageous and according to the legislation in force. We are susceptible to our clients’ needs and add value to your business

Impeccable reputation

Our most impressive achievemet is the big number of long–term clients that have offered their trust and confidence.

Reliable partner

If you give priority to a well-performed work, quality services, new ideas and to a long-term relationship, then we are the right company for YOU.


Brief history about “First Audit International” Moldovan-English Joint-Stock Company

The “First Audit International” Moldovan-English Joint-Stock Company was established on April 9, 1996, with the first audit law in the Republic of Moldova. It is the first Moldovan enterprise with foreign capital, which has a professional staff with a solid professional training, experienced and motivated by the achievements and the prospects. The staff being constantly interacting and aiming to fully meet customer requirements.


Moldovan-English Joint Venture “First Audit International” S.A. offers to its clients the following services:

  • General audit of financial situations
  • Audit of financial situations for state and municipal enterprises
  • Audit of projects funded by the European Union, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, UNDP, etc.
  • Tax services
  • Organization, restoration, accounting services.

Members of associations